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This month the great eVolution debate is here courtesy of beloved Australian author, Isobelle Carmody. Never one to bite off more than she can chew, she has decided to independently re-release her 1997 novel Greylands as an ebook with a bang. Enlisting the help of web designer Min Dean in creating an E launch like no other, not only is the month long ebook launch designed to introduce new readers to Carmody’s world, it aims to encourage serious discussion about the ebook revolution.

There are many debates online and elsewhere about the future of books of course; debates about the book selling and publishing industries role with the rise of self publishing and ebooks; debates about the death of the hard copy book; cries of Brave New World and technological terror, cries of civilisational progress… but never before has there been such a concentrated and academic discussion all in one place. Each day of the month Isobelle has enlisted a different author, editor, agent, essayist, poet, student, teacher, book seller, book publisher or librarian to write about an aspect of the pros, cons and potential innovations of the ebook. Comment on a post and you instantly go into the draw to win your own ereader, signed copies of Isobelle’s books as well as some audio books!

You don’t need to be interested in Isobelle’s books or want to win a competition to participate. With advice and discussion on ebook formatting, self publishing, kindle and other ereader types, the future of picture books as ebooks, enhanced ereaders, interactivity and reading, creative possibilities and the ereader and much, much more, this is a month all writers and readers don’t want to miss!

Interested? Today’s guest post is by respected Australian steampunk author, Richard Harland. Previous posts by Helen Chamberlain, Nick Bland, Sophie Masson and Alex Adsett can be viewed by clicking links on the side of Richard’s post. The website itself will self destruct when the month is up, but all posts and comments will be archived on Isobelle’s blog.

An interesting and informative forum for discussion, this is the month the Australian book industry talks about ebooks…

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This blog post was compiled by InkAshlings independently of the Greylands ebook launch. Any mistakes are my own. Specific details about the Greylands ebook launch are located on the website. 

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