Maureen Flynn is a fantasy, horror, science fiction and sometimes crime author.

My latest is a standalone YA fantasy novel, Child of Ash and Flame. You can order an ebook or paperback copy here. I am also serializing the novel on Royal Road. You can also order signed copies from me direct via the contact page of this website. If you are a school teacher, feel free to contact me about school talks and workshops. The teacher guide to Child of Ash and Flame can be accessed and used for free here.

How would you feel if you discovered your mum had lied to you and was really a magical being from another realm?

Sixteen-year-old Claire finds out when her beloved brother, Marcus, is snatched away to her mother’s magical homeland, Kelnarium.

Discovering both she and her brother have inherited fire magic, Claire is unable to leave Marcus to his fate and follows him into this new realm.

But her desire to reunite with Marcus soon becomes a deadly quest. Kelnarium will explode unless Claire does something to close the Rift, a chasm in the sky forged by civil war. With time so short and enemies of magic everywhere, can Claire save Kelnarium and find a way home?

She has to try … 

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