You can read my short stories by purchasing the collections featured:

My story, The Power of the Birds, headlines this Australian bushfire relief charity anthology. Chock full of speculative fiction stories, this anthology is one to check out!

16 stories. 16 Australian authors. One theme. Beginnings.

A thrilling collection of speculative fiction tales, including The Washer Woman’s Favourite by Maureen Flynn.

Both time and space are bent to breaking point and paradoxes abound in 13 science fiction stories written by some of Australia and New Zealand’s most exciting authors. Also featuring the story which started it all, The Time Machine by the father of science-fiction himself, H.G. Wells.

Rogues, thieves, pirates and ne’er-do-wells abound in speculative fiction. Sometimes heroic, sometimes villainous, often somewhere in between, rogues are as likely to steal one’s heart as one’s purse, and show little remorse while helping themselves to either. So why do we love them?

This collection of speculative stories by Australian authors features rogues of all kinds.