Ben: A Poem

Sadly, one of my closest friends passed away 2nd September. Ben was a wonderful friend; warm, kind, loving, gentle, passionate and caring. I hope this month’s freebie (a poem dedicated to him) captures some of what he meant to me.


We ballroom danced
through your glitter dust
switched partners, said
“encompassing Wollongong, Sydney, Melbourne
let’s follow your rose red.”

Foxtrotted to your piping
opened our arms and said “yes”
Give us chai magic and the beat
duck charmed dreams
gentleman’s jacket sewn deep

Silently rubbed skin-
fire for justice
spirit for kindness and care
open heart for love
and passion for fair.

So though death clutches
in conga clasp
this much I know is true;
your song winds on
we’ll keep dancing for you.

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